premium package

Contact for pricing (Hint: It will be a five figure investment for the year)

*Brokerage Level Packages available.

This package isn't for those who aren't seriously ready to invest money into their business. It's not cheap. Fully Customized and Tailored to you. It will take time to build out but it will be worth it in the end. 

This package involves coordinating with niche experts to make sure the best people deliver the best work at every stage. Some we will do ourselves and some we will coordinate with people even smarter than us. 

Branding - There is a difference between a brand and your reputation. Do you know which you are actually building? Let's build you a brand, one that when you retire you can even sell.

Custom Website - Professionally designed website that will be completely unique to you in your marketplace.

CRM - Analyze your needs and your teams needs and get you suit up with something perfectly fit to your specific situation.

SEO - Are you on the 1st page of Google yet? There is a joke in the tech world, if you want to hide a dead body then hide it on the third page of Google because no one looks there! We'll do everything we can with white-hat tactics to make sure you rank at the top of Google.

Full Digital Marketing Funnel - From creating ads that drive people to click on them to sending people to landing pages to get their information, to the follow up system to help them convert to in person meetings. We will build out a funnel custom fit to the way you work to help you build your business the right way that works for you. 

Social Media Management: We'll analyze your audience and figure out the best places for you have to a presence. We will then help you build a strategy to get your voice out there and build your brand the right way.

Marketing Each Listing - Every one of your listings will get top quality digital marketing to guarantee that the most amount of people will see it.

Blogging - 3 to 5 New Posts every week by Professional Bloggers. We'll keep the blog posts on brand and true to the voice you want to show your market.

Training - Once a month there will be ongoing training on new topics to keep you up to date on the latest in the digital world of Real Estate.

New Hire Training - Hiring a new administrative person or team member? We will train them on the systems we put into place so you don't have to take the time out of your schedule to get them up to speed.

Video - Professional Film Crew as needed to create high quality videos. Please note this one is currently location dependent as we build out a network of videographers in different locations across North America.