What's the Difference Between a Landing Page and Squeeze Page?

Landing pages are often talked about these days in real estate. There remains some confusion over what they actually are. I’ve heard them referenced as landing pages, lead pages, squeeze pages, trip pages, and many more names. 

Landing pages are very simple. At it’s base its just a page that people land upon on your site. Any page of your site can be a landing page. As long as someone lands on the page coming from somewhere else, its a landing page.

Squeeze pages on the other hand are much more specific. A squeeze page has one purpose, to “squeeze” the contact information out of the website visitor. It’s a page entirely designed to create leads.

Most of the time people hear the term landing page, it’s squeeze pages that are mostly being talked about in real estate. That’s because their is such a demand for lead generation in this industry. People use different names for them as well. Some will call them lead pages but that may be because of the popularity of the company LeadPages. They have a great product for creating easy landing and squeeze pages. It’s mostly what I use to create my pages.

A landing page could have many links on it. Links to all the different tabs on your site, links off your site, links to individual listings, and so much more. All of these links are opportunities for the site visitor to go off the page.

If you’re trying to generate leads then you want a squeeze page. If you’re using any old landing page on your site then there are too many opportunities for the visitor to leave. A squeeze page is a landing page that doesn’t give the visitor the opportunity to click on other links. They either become a lead or leave. 

All squeeze pages are types of landing pages. Just like all thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs. All landing pages are not squeeze pages. It’s the more generic catch all for pages on a website. Squeeze pages are strictly meant for generating opt-ins.