What do you blog about?

You’ve maybe heard about blogging and maybe even heard that it can generate some decent business.  Maybe you’ve tried it in the past but gave up after a couple months, or weeks, or even days? Blogging, when done correctly, needs to consistently produce quality content. Consider this post a start to your introduction to blogging for real estate.

Blogging, to some people it's an incredibly intimidating concept. Writing (or recording) regular posts on your site for people to read and/or watch. Putting your content, and by extension yourself, out there for everyone can be daunting. You’re afraid to screw up. Guess what? Your first couple posts are probably going to suck. Then they’ll slowly get better and better. 

Once you get past the part where you’re nervous about blogging comes the next part; what do you actually blog about? If you should be blogging every week, or even more often, how will you keep coming up with content?

There is way more content available to you than you might realize. So let’s take a look below at some ideas.


Anything Your Clients Ask You

I’m sure this has happened to you before, you’re out with some clients, and they’ve been watching HGTV. They heard the term “bully offer” and want to know what it is. If they are wondering, so are other people, and if other people are wondering it means people are googling it. So write a post explaining what a bully offer is. 

Anytime a client or potential client asks you a question that's a potential blog post. It’s that simple. Start writing down these questions. Ask other people in your office what questions they get. It’s all potential topics.



For a lot of families, schools are one of the most important factors when buying a home. In fact, sometimes it's the single most important factor. This is the type of information that parents will consume relentlessly. Everything you could put out about a school they’ll read. Talk about it from different angles. How do they rank? How good are their sports teams or bands? 

You can also create incredibly original content. Interview principals and teachers. Get them talking about the school. Get parents talking about it too. Go in depth. All of this isn’t one post either. You can create dozens of post profiling everything about a school. 

You can do this for every school in your area.



Neighbourhoods can be just as important as the schools. Talk about the neighbourhoods. What makes them great, what are the downsides? Don’t just share the good, present everything from the good and bad. Share things that only a local would know.

What are the true local spots? Is there a favourite restaurant in a neighbourhood? Profile it. Interview the owners. Talk about the parks, trails, community centres, etc… If it will be a part of someone's life then you want to talk about it.



Do you work a specific niche? Do you focus on investment properties? Young families? Divorced Dads? Teachers? Members of the armed forces? 

Whatever your niche is they will have factors that apply specifically to them. So write about the issues that affect specific groups of people. They’ll want to know the answers. They are probably googling them already. 

Once you start thinking about it, you can come up with endless topics for blogging. It just takes a little creativity and getting into the habit of doing it. The ideas will start to flow. Anytime you get one just pull out your phone or a piece of paper and write it down.