Get to Know the Coaches: Joshua Smith & GSD Mode

The 2nd instalment of Get to Know the Coaches I'm excited to introduce you to Joshua Smith who you may know from his popular Podcast GSD Mode. This is a great one to read especially for newer agents looking for an affordable program that can help them get started in the business.

Don't forget to take a listen to some of his podcasts, not that I'm biased or anything being a past guest!

How would you describe your coaching?

My Program is By Far the "Most Effective and Affordable" Program in the Industry. I have been a Realtor for 11+ years and created one of the Top Real Estate Teams in the World and have been Voted The 30th Top Realtor in America by The Wall Street Journal. I still operate my Real Estate Team today. I am a Full Time Team Leader/Entrepreneur and a Part Time Trainer. My "Program" is not your typical Coaching Program in the space.

After creating success in my own Real Estate Business, I started getting asked to Speak at a lot of events, etc... and discovered that I have a HUGE passion for Training and Running my Team. My Programs are 100% "Plug & Play"... I break down my Entire Business with you in Live Group Sessions and not only discuss it, I give you editable copies of my entire "Real Estate Play Book"... You get all my Tracking Forms, Goals Sheets, Listing Presentations, Buyer Presentations, Check Lists, Marketing Materials, How I Manage my Database, My Scripts, Drip Systems, Emails, Team Contracts, Employee Contracts and more! I don't just tell you what you need to do to create success, but I give you all the necessary documents and it is truly a "Paint By Numbers Program".

It is 36 Hours of Live Group Coaching, Daily Access To me In a Private Mastermind Group for 4 Months, 30+ of Bonus Training and more.

What makes someone "coach-able"?

There is a saying out there "The Teacher Appears When The Student Is Ready..". To be "Coach-Able" you must be at a point where you are fully committed to learning, fully committed to growth and most importantly fully committed to take action! Most do not need more information, it is their inability to Implement that is hindering their success! Yes we cover a lot of information, but most importantly we facilitate an experience that allows you to take action like never before so you can create the Business and Life you know you want and deserve!

Do you identify more as a coach, sales trainer, mentor, or accountability partner?

Before I got into Real Estate I was in the Health Club Business... I tried Personal Training and found out very quickly I did not enjoy it... However I loved running the Health Club. I love Training our Sales Staff, Training the Personal Trainers, Training the Leaders to become Leaders. When I got into Real Estate, yes I enjoyed the Business but I did not fall in love with the Business until I started my Team. I love creating systems and Training Leaders to become better Leaders. I am not a "Hand Holder", I do not consider myself a "Coach".... But instead a highly effective Trainer to those that are self driven and self accountable.

Who should hire you?

Anyone looking to create a successful and predictable Real Estate Business that is truly serious about growth! My Clients range from Brand New Realtors to Real Estate Team Leaders doing 1,000 Transactions Per Year that are serious about taking their business to the next level!

I have a very "Systematic" approach. I am all about systems, tracking, numbers and action. I have a saying in my Businesses that "The Path Is All In The Math" (I stole that from Ryan Blair), but I 100% live by it. If you want to create a systematic, predictable Business that will continue to grow regardless of the Market (Hot Sellers Markets to Distressed Foreclosure Markets), then I am absolutely the BEST person in the Industry to help you! These are big claims, but I have proven them personally.

Since getting my license in 2005 my Real Estate Business has grown every single year regardless of the Market Bubbles and Market Crashes. I know how to shift into Short Sales and REO's and back to Traditional Markets, I have personally done it and continue to do so. I am a high level producing Realtor today, not some Dude that was awesome 20 years ago and has no idea how to create success in the online/social media world that we are in.

Today I personally generate over 1200 free leads monthly on Facebook. I train on things I am actually doing and that are proven to work in todays marketplace.

Who shouldn't hire you?

People that are uncommitted, lazy, negative, have a victim mindset or have an entitlement mindset. Nobody owes you anything and your past is 100% irrelevant to the success you will create in the future. I only roll with those that are truly committed and ready to do the work!

What makes you different than other coaches out there?

Most Coaches operate from a place of theory, they blow smoke and have no idea what it truly take to become a successful Realtor. Try this... Ask them "My Goal is $X Commissions in the next 12 months, my average sales price is $X and my average commission is $X. What is the EXACT action I must take daily to make that a Reality? How many leads do I need to get daily? How many Reach Outs do I need to have Daily? How many conversations Daily? How Many Appointments must I set daily/Weekly?".... 99% will look at you and have absolutely no idea (make sure the test their answer and see how they came up with it as they tend to be good "Fakers")....

Here is another test... "I just got a Lead from "X Lead Source (whichever your favorite personal lead source is)... How Should I categorize them in my Database? How quickly should I call and what exactly should I say? The what... Should I Text, how often should I follow up, how should my drip emails be set up/ should I have text drips? What should I say to get them to respond at the highest level? Once they respond How do I set an Appointment? Once I set the appointment how should I prep? When I conduct the Appointment What exactly should I do/say to Close them as a Client? Then what...? I could go on all day....

Please understand that I am saying this not to say all Coaches are bad and I am your only choice... You may decide I am not the fit for you and that is 100% OK... Just make sure whoever you Coach with that it is the right Coach. Make sure they prove to you and you have full confidence they can get you to where you need to go! Otherwise you will just be pissing away money, and I hate wasting money! Personally since getting my license in 2005 my Real Estate Business has grown every single year regardless of the Market Bubbles and Market Crashes. I know how to shift into Short Sales and REO's and back to Traditional Markets, I have personally done it and continue to do so. I am a high level producing Realtor today, not some Dude that was awesome 20 years ago and has no idea how to create success in the online/social media world that we are in. Today I personally generate over 1200 free leads monthly on Facebook. I train on things I am actually doing and that are proven to work in todays marketplace.

How long have you sold real estate?

Got licensed in 2005, have been voted the 30th Top Realtor in America by The Wall Street Journal, Top 1% of Realtors Worldwide and I still run my Team today that continues to grow every single year. In 2016 we will close over $100Million in Gross Sales Volume and do close to $3Million in Commissions. I am in the trenches daily so I know what it takes to be successful in the current market we are in.

Where are you located? How many American clients vs Canadian?

I am in Phoenix Arizona. 85% of my clients are in America and 15% in Canada.

What's your speciality?

A few things:

  1. Building effective systems to create predictable results.
  2. Being laser focused, eliminating time hacks to be more proactive and get more done in less time.
  3. Mastery. I immerse myself into mastery.
  4. Adaption. When I first started in the Business I was calling Expired's, doing Door Hangers, etc... now most my Business comes from Facebook/Social Media. I never have resistance, I pay attention to trends, I adapt and Master it...

Do you have systems for your clients? 3rd party or in house?

100%. First, I HATE spending money! It does not take money to make money. You MUST spend smart. Most of my systems (tracking systems I have built out in Google Drive which is FREE, I give all those to you...), I am heavy into Social Media, YouTube and Video again all FREE... I truly feel an Agent only needs to invest money in a few things to create a Million Dollar Business... which totals under $200 per month...

Full disclosure, I am a Partial Owner in a Real Estate Website/CRM Company... However I treat these Companies totally separate... I do not care what websites/CRM's you use (I will tell you the exact features they need to be successful which there are dozens of options) and I will teach out how to be successful with it regardless of what system you choose.

What's your on-boarding process like? How long to get someone up and running?

It is 100% up to the Realtor and their action... We have Clients that list 12+ homes in the first 30 days... My Program is not dragged out... We go deep right out of the gate with 3 hours of live Coaching weekly.... If you do 30 min sessions every other week it will take you forever to get this skills you need and it will cost you a ton of money. This is a full immersion program to get you up to speed ASAP!

What's included in your programs?

12 Core LIVE Weekly Group Training Sessions That Average 3 Hours Long. All Sessions are live, then recorded and you get LIFETIME access to the material. You get daily access to me in our Private Mastermind Group so I can go deep into everyones personal obstacles daily. You get access to everything in my Business, there is nothing I do not share. We will cover Mindset, Proper Goal Setting, Expense Tracking, Number Tracking, Systems, Developing a Master Schedule, Buyer Presentations, Listing Presentations, Offline Lead Generation, Online Lead Generation, Lead Follow Up To Convert Leads To Appointments, Working With Clients, Advanced Personal Leadership, Team Growth & Recruiting, How To Create Green Screen Videos, Energy Management, Getting Into REO & Short Sales and a ton more...

What is the price range of your services?

$997 or 3 Payments of $333... Same price for everyone.

Term length of contracts and cancellation requirements?

12 Weeks of Live Coaching, 4 Full Months of Daily Access to Me, Lifetime Access to all the Content.... Cancelation Policy: You have 30 days from the last training session to get a 100% full refund. Here are the stipulations: You must complete the entire program, there are no upfront refunds and no exceptions. If you show up and complete all the live training events, complete all the weekly homework/implementation assignments, post your weekly commitments as outlined in the program to ensure implementation and planning and show/prove you did all the work. If you feel this program was not worth every penny, I will refund you your full amount and let you keep all the content. If you do the work, you have nothing to lose.

What's your turnover rate?: Zero

What's the main reason people stop coaching?

There is zero reason anyone should ever stop Coaching. In life we are either Growing or Dying, period! Now you may feel you have grown as much as you can with a particular Coach and decide you need to stop with them and find another Coach, that will absolutely happen. But you should never stop Coaching. Today I personally have 4 Coaches.

Can you share documented and proven results for your clients increase in performance?

Yes.. Go check out my Facebook Business Page and in the Photos you will see Hundreds of 5 Star Reviews from those that have achieved massive success:

Best training for a new agent?

My Program. I truly do not feel, especially for the price that there is anything close in the Industry. You get handed a proven road map, you just need to execute... There is zero guesswork!

Do you hold any designations?

No, I think they are a waste of money. The general public does not care about a designation and I have yet to see one that actually teaches you what it takes to be successful in the Business. I am HUGE on Self Development but only the right self development. Designations are like a continuation of your Real Estate School which do not teach us or prepare us at all in creating a successful Business.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I see myself through the "Lens" of a Realtor First... So I am going to going to give you some advice as a Realtor... #1: This Business is going to be hard, it is not Real Estate that is hard it is all Entrepreneurship... You will be tested and well over 90% quit.... PLEASE never quit! You will want to, I sure as hell have! I first became a Realtor at 23 years old, I am a College drop out and grew up not having money are being around success... So when I first became a Realtor I would look at these Top Producers and I honestly thought they had a "GIFT" that I did not have.... Well after years of pushing hard, creating success, becoming a Top Producer and now being really close with most of the Top Producers in the Industry, I can tell you this.... There is no such thing as a "GIFT"... Successful people go through all the same pains that unsuccessful people go through, the difference is they keep pushing through the pain, they never stop and eventually it pays off! This Industry has changed every aspect of my Life and has created more opportunities for myself and my Family than I could have ever imagined. I share this as hopefully, when you come amongst hard times, that maybe this will inspire you to never stop, to keep pushing and to go create the success you know you are capable of creating! 

I would absolutely be HONORED to have you in my Coaching Program! But if you choose not to and choose to go another route, that is OK! Do your homework and make the best decision for yourself and for your Family and again, either way keep pushing hard, never give up and go kick some MASSIVE ass!